How much can you spend on a new home?

On Friday, we asked readers for their thoughts on the average price of new homes.

While some of the questions were surprisingly simple, others were pretty complex.

Here’s what we learned.1.

$100,000 for a $1,000,000 house: This is a $100-million house.

A couple of months ago, the median price for a house in the Greater Boston area was $93,600.

Now it’s hovering around $90,600, according to Zillow.2.

$1 million in new-build condos for $1.5 million: This number is the largest single-family home purchase since 2010, according a report from Trulia.

The median price of a new-home sale in Greater Boston in May was $1m, while a typical sale price in May in San Francisco was $2m.3.

$2.6 million for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home: This $2 million price tag is still quite high for a two-bedroom home, but the median home price in Boston last year was $3.5m, according of Trulia, which was down from $4.3m in May.4.

$4 million for the average Boston home: Boston is one of the most expensive cities for new-construction condos, according Trulia’s report.

According to the report, median sales prices in the city averaged $7.8 million last year, while the median condo price was $14.9 million.5.

$12 million for two-story homes: The median home sale price last year in Boston was $12.8M, according from Trubulos report.

This year’s median price was only $10.8MM, according Zillows report.6.

$18 million for three-story condos: The price of three-storey homes in Boston is still a bit high, but it is down from its previous peak of $19.4 million in 2015, according the report.7.

$20 million for condos that were built before 1990: The average price in Greater New England for new condos built before 1989 is $20.6MM, but that number is down slightly from its peak of more than $26.6 MM in 2015.8.

$26 million for new houses: The latest report from Zillotips shows the median selling price for new homes in Greater Massachusetts was $32.2MM last year.9.

$35 million for homes that were bought in 2015: The number of new-built condos sold in Greater MA last year is now at 1,097, up from 751 in 2015 and 712 in 2016.10.

$37 million for houses that were sold in the past three years: The first quarter of 2018 saw an average of 3,928 new-buy condos sold per month in Greater Northeastern MA, up 15.2% from the same period last year and up 20.5% from a year ago, according ToThePoint.11.

$47 million for single-room occupancy hotels: The new-market rental vacancy rate in Greater NE is 5.7%, according to Trulia data.12.

$51 million for multifamily units: The market is currently experiencing a 2.5-year high vacancy rate, according on Trulia report.13.

$60 million for duplexes: The Duplex Rent Index is at 6.4% at the end of May, which is up 10% from May 2016.14.

$65 million for detached homes: Median price of detached homes is $57.9MM in Greater Portland, Oregon, up 11.1% from its May 2016 price.15.

$71 million for townhouses: Townhouse sales are now at 4.7% in Boston, which has seen a 5.9% increase in median price since last year due to the high number of properties in townhouses.16.

$78 million for condominiums: The current number of condominium units in Greater Cambridge is at 8.4 units, which could be a record high.17.

$82 million for commercial buildings: The commercial vacancy rate is 3.9%, according on the report from the Boston Properties Council.18.

$95 million for apartments: The estimated number of apartment units in Boston fell 5.5%, from 5.2 million in May 2017.19.

$97 million for citywide apartments: A report from The Boston Globe reports that the market for single family housing is expected to reach a new high in 2019.20.

$102 million for multi-family housing: The report from Boston Consulting Group indicates that the number of apartments is set to rise in the Boston area to 3.6M units by 2019, up 6.5%.21.

$113 million for public housing: This would be the largest increase in the number per year in the market since

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