How the PVC flooring industry changed after Ikea made the transition to a glass flooring product

With Ikea’s decision to switch from PVC to glass floorboards, the industry in the Netherlands has experienced a major shift in the way it views flooring.

And it seems that it will be the industry’s last transition for a while.

The Dutch government is taking a proactive stance to bring the glass floor in line with other parts of the country.

The government is supporting new companies and supporting existing ones to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The government is investing an additional EUR 20 million in a glass manufacturing facility in Amsterdam, and is planning to use some of that money to help companies transition.

In addition, the government is looking into other ways to help manufacturers transition as well.

For example, the Dutch government has set up a new company called Glass Flooring Co., to assist manufacturers and suppliers with the transition.

And the government will soon launch an initiative to encourage the development of a new glass floor.

Glass flooring has been a huge market in the country, and the government has been doing its best to help make it easier for the industry to transition.

The transition has been especially tough in the Dutch glass industry, where companies often have to compete with other companies in terms of their own capabilities.

In order to ensure that all the glass floors in the entire country are up to the task, the company is currently working with the local government to prepare a framework for glass floor manufacturing.

This will help companies and their suppliers transition quickly.

The company has already managed to secure some government subsidies for its transition efforts.

The Netherlands has the second largest glass industry in Europe.

The company is also aiming to double its output to meet the demand of the Dutch population.

The glass industry is already in a transition phase in the European Union, where the EU is trying to diversify its products by making them compatible with different European countries.

In the United States, companies like Apple are using the glass in their products.

The glass industry hopes that this new industry will help it achieve that goal.

Glass floors are more efficient in terms for the amount of light they absorb, as well as how they absorb the heat.

It also absorbs moisture and provides protection from the elements.

In contrast to PVC, glass floors do not absorb any water, which can lead to them having a low weight.

Glass is also more resistant to the elements, and can be built into most furniture designs.

The Dutch government believes that this will make glass floors a more efficient material for use in the home.

The transition to glass floors will help the industry achieve its goal of increasing the value of its products.

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