I’m a pvc cleaner, and I am ashamed

A reader claims he was called a puffer, a derogatory term for a white person, on a Reddit forum, and he claims he has been called a white supremacist by others.

The reader claims that he is white, and has never done anything that would be considered racist, including posting the post.

Reddit user JulesCameToJesus claimed that the post was his own, and that he wrote it for “educational purposes” and to promote the idea that he would become a “puppet of the state” to “make sure the government has the money to do everything they want.”

The post, titled “Why I’m the best cleaner in the world” (sic), received a total of 2,976 comments, most of them calling him out on his lack of self-awareness and his failure to see the irony of his actions.

JulesCamedToJesus wrote that he started the thread in a bid to learn about the racist language that many people use to describe others.

“It was a fun exercise to see what other people would say, and it’s a cool way to learn something,” Jules wrote.

“This subreddit is about self-improvement.

If I’m ever called a racist, I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

This was all for educational purposes.”

Jamps claimed that he had already had people contact him to ask for his side of the story.

He claims he made a mistake in calling someone a racist.

He added that he did not want the subreddit to be taken down because it had racist content, and in fact was a good place for people to learn from each other.

The user, who has a username on Reddit called “Jules” wrote that “I do think it is important to be aware of your own behavior and that of others in general.

If it is someone calling you a racist on a forum, you have to be very aware of that.

If you post something, you’re doing it out of malice.

It is also important to realize that being called a person of color is very common in this country.”

He added that, for example, someone calling him a white nationalist on a site like Reddit is a bad thing.

“Being called a POC on Reddit is something that should not happen,” he wrote.

He did not respond to multiple requests for comment by The Huffington Post.

The Reddit user is also the owner of an organization called the “UnmaskTheRacist” which claims to “help fight for the rights of POC and minorities across the world.”

“I do know that people of color, as a whole, are far more likely to be targeted, harassed and killed by their own government than any other group,” the user wrote in a statement.

“In the case of me and my family, the government was the first to do this to us, and now they are trying to do it to you, and others who share our skin color.”

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