Koma pVC flooring installed in Melbourne home

Koma PVC pipe floorings have been installed in the home of a Melbourne couple, who have said they are living in the city’s hottest climate yet.

Key points:The couple’s home is on a residential street in Melbourne’s west and has been in their family for generationsKoma pipes are available in a range of lengths and finishesKoma has received more than 5,000 applications for the flooring’s installationKoma is a local company that builds pvc pipe floors and has received about 50 applications for flooring in the Melbourne CBD over the past 12 months.

“The flooring is really quite cool, it’s very shiny and it looks like it’s been painted, so that’s really exciting,” Jacqueline and John Brown told ABC Melbourne’s Insiders.

“But we’re not used to living in that heat.

We’ve never lived in this kind of heat before, we’re very sensitive to it.”

John Brown, who works as a labourer, said he was in Melbourne for two weeks on a temporary contract and was in shock when he realised how hot it was outside.

“We went in the kitchen and had a really good chat and we just got really into it, just wanted to see what the heat was like,” he said.

“It’s definitely pretty hot, it was really nice.”

John said he spent the night inside, as did his wife, with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

“It felt a bit like being in the middle of a hurricane.

The walls were really slippery, we had a lot of water coming out of our windows, the floor was really slippery and the ceiling was really cold.”

When we came out the next day, we were actually quite happy because we could do our washing at home.

“John is the president of the Melbourne Pipes and Pipefitting Association and said he had been looking forward to installing the floorings in the couple’s backyard.”

My wife is a pipefitter and she’s actually a really skilled piper, so we had to learn a lot about her skills, so it’s really important for us to learn from her,” he told Insiders host Emma Reynolds.”

I think the most exciting part of it was actually that we didn’t have to put anything on there because we had just taken off the pvc piping and we didn and we put in the piper wire and the pipes.

“Mr Brown said the floorboards would be installed at a cost of $5,000 and would be available to order within a month.”

They’re going to be the first flooring that will be available, because it’s actually quite an unusual design,” he added.”

This is the first time in Melbourne that we’ve got pvc pipes available in the market, we’ve been trying to get them for a long time and now we’ve just got it.

“The company, which has been using its technology for more than 25 years, said the design was not the result of any patent protection.”

Koma pipe floors are engineered for a range the sizes and shapes of standard household piers, and the company has been able to produce flooring of the highest quality in the industry, all at a price competitive with the market,” a Koma spokesperson said.

Koma potted floors are made from 100 per cent polypropylene, which are more expensive than other types of pvc, but Mr Brown said they could be a solution for the city.”

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have this kind [of pvc] in Melbourne,” he explained.”

Even if you’re not able to afford to pay for it, there are still places where you can do that in a very cost-effective way.

“Mr Burns said the company had received about 500 applications for its flooring and that it would be ready to install the floor when it was ready.”

In the meantime, we are still waiting on our permit to get it installed, which is probably a couple of months away,” he noted.

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