Notrax flooring products to be sold by Vibrant Brands on November 15

Notrax, which makes flooring and accessories for businesses and home, is set to roll out new products from its PVR flooring brand in New South Wales on November 25.

It will sell the PVR Floor Sydney products, which come with notepads to help consumers navigate the product, to be offered at its store locations.

The products will be priced from $29 to $149, depending on size.

Notrax said the products were the first of their kind for the brand and are a “bold step in introducing a new generation of flooring solutions”.

“Notrax’s PVR products offer a more affordable, easy-to-use, and effective solution to meet a range of customer needs and the need to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes,” said PVR’s senior vice-president of marketing, Richard Kost.

“Notrix is well-positioned in Australia to provide our customers with affordable products that can meet the unique needs of their clients.”

The products include Notrax’s Notrax Plus line of products, as well as products such as Notrax PTV flooring.

“We are proud to have launched these products in New Zealand and have already seen strong demand from our customers and retailers across the world,” Notrax managing director, Rob O’Connor, said.

“These products are designed to provide a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution that will benefit our clients, while also offering a simple, effective and easy-on-the-eye experience.

We are excited to offer the PTV Floor Syedney to our Australian customers in the coming months.”

Notrax has been a pioneer in the flooring market, having introduced products such the Notrax Sydneys, Notrax Vibrants and Notrax Smart Flooring in 2015.

It launched its PTV products in October 2016 and the PTR Floor Syeds in December 2016.

With reporting by Reuters

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