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The world is not a “flat Earth”, a flat planet, or a flat plane, as some people believe.

The term flat earth refers to the idea that the earth is round, that the Earth is flat, and that the sky is round.

The Earth’s crust is rounded, as is its crust of rock and ice, as well as the Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, and land.

These rounded surfaces are called crusts.

In the case of earth, they form the crust of a planet called Earth, which orbits the sun.

But there are other bodies that orbit the sun, and they are not called crust.

The name flat earth is more like a fancy name for a theory about how the world is round and that there is no flat Earth.

A flat earth The term “flat earth” originated in the 19th century.

It was the idea of British mathematician and astronomer William Whewell that the world was round, with its surface and the surface of the planet, and therefore, it is round with respect to other bodies.

It is also known as a “prestige” theory, or “theory that has no supporting evidence.”

This theory is based on the idea (in the popular imagination) that the shape of the earth was fixed at one place and that its surface was rounded.

The flat Earth is often seen as the theory that the universe was made out of a flat plate.

The idea that it is a flat, flat plane is a myth, a fanciful, superstitious notion that has little or no basis in reality.

According to the Flat Earth Society, the word “flat” is derived from a Greek word meaning “a base, a curve, or line”.

The word flat is a Greek term that comes from the Greek root flatos meaning “to set.”

There is no way to be flat.

Earth’s surface The Earth is round by the curvature of its surface, which is defined as the distance between two points.

In other words, the closer the points are, the greater the distance from the points to the Earth.

The curvature comes about because of the motion of the Earth and because of gravity.

The earth’s surface is rounded in several ways, but the main way is because of its rotation, which means that it rotates.

The rotation is caused by the Earth moving around the sun and the moon.

The sun and moon have a total mass of about 9 million kilograms, so they are much bigger than the Earth at its centre.

The radius of the orbit of the sun is about 6.7 million kilometres.

So when the Earth rotates, it adds an extra 10 million kilometres of distance to the radius of orbit.

But this is not enough to completely round the earth.

The amount of distance added to the orbit is called the “perigee,” and the amount of added time is called “eccentricity.”

The radius is therefore smaller than the distance.

The extra distance adds a very small amount of time to the orbital period, and the extra amount of extra time means that the orbit can take a long time to complete its orbit.

The planet orbits the Sun The planets orbits the star Earth in a circle around the star.

The planets orbit Earth, so the sun orbits the Earth, and so the earth orbits the planet.

As a result, when Earth orbits the planets, the Earth gets farther from the star and more distant from the Sun.

The Sun’s light travels at the speed of light, so when the planet orbits Earth, it also gets farther away from the sun in the course of its orbit, but this is still very fast.

At the same time, the orbit around the Earth increases the amount that the Sun is shining on Earth.

As the Earth orbits around the Sun, the stars light travels in a curved path, and it goes straight to Earth.

Because of the direction of the light, Earth gets dimmer and dimmer in relation to the Sun and the Sun gets brighter.

As Earth gets closer to the star, the star becomes brighter, so Earth gets brighter too.

This cycle of light and dark is called a transit.

This happens when the light from the Earth crosses the Sun’s surface, and its light travels through the atmosphere of the star the star in question.

As it travels through Earth’s upper atmosphere, the light passes through Earth at a much slower speed than the light of the stars.

The light of a star in the vicinity of Earth is the light we see from the earth, but when the star is close to the earth it has a much brighter light than the star has, so it is visible to us.

If the star were a star we could see it from Earth in its southern hemisphere, and if it were a planet, we could get a better look at it in its northern hemisphere.

So the light that the planet receives is a different type of light from what we see.

If we are travelling at a speed of 10 million km per second, we would travel at the same speed as if

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