U.S. Navy launches a recycling campaign for steel from pvc-floored bunkers

Posted July 24, 2019 09:33:31U.

S.-based company Steel & Castrol Corp. has been in the recycling business for nearly 60 years, and it wants to change that with a new program that involves offering customers a refund for their steel scrap when they buy it from a local recycling facility.

Steel &amp.

Castrol CEO Michael O’Neill said the program is aimed at making recycling a viable option for people who don’t have the resources or the time to pick up and sell scrap metal from the bunkers.

The company is launching the program Monday with its first batch of steel products.

Customers who purchase a product from the company’s “Steel &amalgamation Collection,” including steel bars and tubing, will be reimbursed up to $1,500 for the scrap they can recycle.

The program is part of Steel &amallalgamation’s ongoing push to attract customers to recycle more, including offering discounts to new customers and new customers with an existing account.


castrol recycles approximately 5 million pounds of steel per year, with about 2.3 million pounds coming from steel bunkers, according to a company statement.

It said the recycling program will help Steel& castrol provide better value to customers and support our employees, who will continue to benefit from this program.

“The company said it has been able to offer a $500 refund for steel scrap collected from steel piers.

It also said customers can request a refund of the cost of the steel scrap they recycle for up to three years.

Steel castrol said customers who purchased a steel bar or tubing can use it to make pvc mats for use in products like electrical tape, carpeting, and food packaging.

Customers can also use the pvc to make PVC pipes for heating, air conditioning and water heating, according the company.

The U.K.-based firm is known for its high-quality, high-value steel, including steel rods and tubing that are used in building materials.

It said the new program is just one step toward making recycling an affordable option for many Americans.

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