What you need to know about the Rangers’ contract extension

In the first three months of the year, the Rangers have already surpassed the salary cap by nearly $60 million, bringing them into the upper half of the league.

It’s not the kind of cap hit that would get them into playoff contention, but it does get them a first-round pick.

That pick is one of the top prospects in the NHL right now, and that’s something that the Rangers will want to be assured of for years to come.

The Rangers have a few contracts to work with.

They’ve had a number of players make big money this season, including center Ryan McDonagh and left wing Michael Grabner.

But those deals don’t get them the salary-cap hit of the extension, and the Rangers don’t have any long-term deals in place that would give them that kind of money.

In addition, the team is currently under a cap hold, which will end up being more than $18 million over the next three seasons.

That’s the cap hit of every other team.

The NHL’s current collective bargaining agreement doesn’t cover this type of contract, which means the Rangers are basically looking at a one-year contract worth roughly $10 million, which would leave them just $5 million over their cap this season.

The deal would still allow them to sign the free agent or re-sign the player who’s signed to a long-time contract, but they’d need to do it in a timely fashion.

That means that a player who is a restricted free agent would be free to sign with another team in the next two months.

This deal would also give the Rangers the chance to sign one of their future top draft picks, which is a great thing.

In the past, the league has had a habit of signing players that were restricted free agents, which can have a negative impact on the teams they were signed to.

But this is the first time the league will be allowed to sign players that aren’t restricted free.

It means that if one of those players were to sign in New York, it would allow the Rangers to sign him and have him back on the ice at the same time.

The biggest concern with the contract is that it’s not a lock-down agreement.

The Rangers could still decide to sign a player to a longer deal that includes the team retaining his rights for a few more years, or they could decide to do the same thing with a player they signed to one of these contracts and move on to the next deal.

The team would still retain the right to match any offer the player receives.

That could mean that a team could go back and offer a smaller deal, which could then be matched by another team, or that a franchise could try to renegotiate a contract in hopes of getting a better offer.

The signing would be something of a surprise, but the Rangers did sign a couple of players to extensions this offseason.

Center Carl Hagelin signed a six-year, $75 million deal last season, while right wing Ryan Callahan and right winger Alex Galchenyuk signed deals totaling $57 million.

All three players signed with teams that have been in the playoff hunt.

The two contracts are very similar, with Hagelin’s being a one year deal worth $12 million and Galcheniys a six year, $55 million deal.

It’s easy to see why the Rangers signed Hagelin and Galchnyuk, and why they wanted to get him back before signing Callahan.

Both players are very good players and both were highly regarded by their respective teams.

But they are both going to be paid at a much lower salary than the contract that Hagelin received, which puts them at a different position in the market.

The fact that they both signed deals that were under $20 million doesn’t mean that it won’t be an offer that the team will match.

It will be interesting to see if any of these players can be signed to longer deals that will allow them more time to compete in the playoffs.

Callahan, Galchenieuk, Hagelin, and Hagelin have all scored goals in the past three seasons, so it’s certainly possible that some of these signings will work out.

If that’s the case, the teams that sign them could get some extra money, but that won’t help them with any of the salary caps.

It is possible that these signings may also come with other problems.

It could be that these players will need to be re-signed by another club.

The NHL is currently allowing teams to make three different types of deals for restricted free agency, but this is a new rule, and it’s unclear what kind of restrictions the NHL has put on teams that want to re-up restricted free-agent players.

If the Rangers make the right deal for Callahan or Galchenya, it could mean they can get him to a team in another league for a little bit of money, or could mean he’s going to another team and getting re-worked in an attempt

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