When you need to save on pvc floor replacement

After the first flush of moisture, pvc carpet floors can quickly become moldy and uneven, a problem that can result in mold growth.

If left untreated, the damage can be fatal.

In some cases, the mold can grow into a deadly pathogen.

For years, puddles of moldy pvc floors were the main reason people had to replace pvc in bathrooms and bathrooms at home.

That trend is set to change as more people install pvc carpets in their homes, said James A. DeLuca, vice president of residential, commercial and industrial construction at AIGA. 

“In a typical home, about 50 percent of our puddling problems are caused by pvc mold,” DeLucas said.

“If you have a good, consistent pvc product, you can avoid mold growth.”

There are several reasons why pvc is a better choice for your bathroom than vinyl floor, DeLucos said. 


It can withstand high temperaturesThe pvc will not freeze when it gets wet, but it can survive the heat and moisture of the house.

The pvc can hold up to 60 degrees below zero and can withstand temperatures ranging from 50 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius.

It will not crack, and it won’t lose its integrity over time, DeLucas said, adding that pvc surfaces will last up to 30 years.2.

It doesn’t damage woodDeLucos said the same qualities of the pvc surface also apply to wood floors.

DeLuxas said it was important for homeowners to make sure that the floor is a good choice for their home, because wood floors tend to take longer to dry.

“If you are trying to avoid mold, you are more likely to have mold on your wood floor,” DeLuccas said in an interview. 


It’s easier to installDeLuxias recommends the installation of a vinyl floor after pvc has been replaced.

It takes about 20 minutes, he said.

DeLeo said the majority of pvc replacement orders come from manufacturers in the U.S., and it’s easier for them to make repairs than to do the work themselves. 


It has more natural resistanceThe vinyl floor has a natural resistance to moisture.

It won’t shrink under moisture, so it won: 1.

Take a step back to dry the floor 2.

Have a more comfortable surface to crawl 3.

Be less likely to damage pvc by falling on itWhen it comes to pvc’s natural resistance, DeLeos said, the majority is due to the natural chemical compounds in the product. 


It provides more stabilityThe puddle-free vinyl floor can resist the forces of moisture and can remain stable when it is placed on a hard surface. 


It offers less of a surface for mold growthDeLucas added that if the puddlers are not cleaned thoroughly, pVC will be stuck to the surface of the wood and won’t be able to easily break down.

That can lead to a more susceptible floor. 


It allows for greater flexibilityThe pVC surface will have less surface area for mold and will require less space between the pvp and the floor for easy crawling. 


It makes a more attractive floorThe pvp will need to be placed on more than one side of the floor.

This makes it easier to crawl, and the pvt will be easier to clean off the floor if it’s not cleaned. 


It is more durableThe pvt floor can last up with less maintenance and wear, which makes it a more durable product.

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